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Snap wraps - reflAktive

Already since 1994 – high-quality security-snap wraps are our core business.

Our high-quality snap wraps combine fun with functionality. That‘s why they are popular across generations. Thanks to their reflective properties, they offer maximum safety in the dark. reflAktive is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe! We use only high-quality steel cores, which can be bent and turned in all directions without breaking. In addition, this steel is longitudinal and at the ends free of sharp edges. Additional adhesive dots increase safety. With lower, often from the Far East supplied quality, the risk of injury is very large. Anyone who distributes such goods quickly risks a loss of image. This underlines once again why security should not be about price alone.

Snap wraps provided with a company logo offer the possibility of conveying an advertising message in a manner that is as convenient as it is congenial – even for small quantities. Also personalized snap wraps with names and numbers are possible.

What you should know: Only the snap wraps made with white or yellow foil are EN 13356 certified. Only they may be advertised with the addition „security“.

Our snap wraps are equipped on the back with a comfortable to wear velour. The foils and velour materials we use come exclusively from European production. Most of them are phathalate-free, i.e. they contain no harmful plasticizers.

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