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Safety needs rules. These are defined by the European standard EN 13356 for warning accessories.

Many of our reflective safety products are tested and certified to EN 13356. It is eg. the optical performance and surface area requirements of non-professional equipment for better visibility of vehicles when illuminated by vehicles on dark roads. A distinction is made in three accessory classes:

Type 1: free hanging accessories like reflective danglers
Type 2: removable accessories such as body reflectors, snap wraps and other bands
Type 3: fixed accessories such as adhesive stickers

For type 1 the surface must be between 15 and 50 cm2. If type 1 is reflective on both sides, the thickness must not exceed 10 mm. Type 2 and 3 must have an area of more than 15 cm2.

In addition, we are entitled to use the TÜV GS mark (tested safety). The condition for this is that the manufacturer is on the product or the distributor has a sub-certificate from our main certificate. Real safety does not save on quality!

The aim of the Product Safety Act (ProdSG) is to banish anonymous and inferior products from the market. With effect from 1st December 2012, the legislator has finally banned the provision of consumer products that are not labeled with the name and address of the manufacturer or the distributor. Therefore, all required contact data is available on all reflAktive products.


EN 13356 Certificate

Product Safety Law

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