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Security clothing - reflAktive

Warning clothing with it's reflective elements is used wherever it is important to be seen by others

… both during the day in a wide range of visibility conditions and especially in the dark. We offer various articles for the protection of life and limb, depending on the claim.

Those who help others in an emergency situation should be self-assured. That‘s why reflective badges in hazardous or disaster areas are indispensable. Printing is on or behind the reflective white or yellow foil. Also possible is a negative print, so that only the letters reflect.

Both the badges as well as the children‘s safety tabards we produce completely in our factory. These warning tabards reflect on the entire surface and are only available in white or yellow foil due to the certified quality.

The elastic body reflectors with their all-round reflective strips (certified to EN 13356) also impress with their functionality. Whether for joggers, newspaper porters, skaters or motorcy-clists, the body reflectors are suitable for recreational activities and on the road.

In addition, you can get from us reflective tapes, warning and promotional vests or tabards made of polyester with Velcro and reflective stripes. We also carry EN 471 certified prismatic endless belts in our product range.

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