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Soft wraps - reflAktive

Our soft wraps offer more safety for athletes, pedestrians, pets, ...

Reflective soft wraps with comfortable Velcro fasteners are versatile. Especially joggers and pedestrians like to use them in the dark season and in the evening. That‘s road safety with a role model character! Even dogs, cats and horses become more noticeable on the road. Thus, these small, sustainable gifts bring great enjoyment for all: More security for the wearer, small price for who gives away.

Our jogging straps with fluffy velour back have a soft feel and they can also be adjusted in length. On the one hand, this is due to the Velcro fastener, on the other hand, individual segments can be moved or removed so that the length can be individually adjusted. Because they offer enough space and can be shipped optimally – for example, with a mailing – they are perfect as an advertising medium (screen / digital or offset printing). We are happy to design your desired imprint with logo or special lettering.

In contrast to the jogging straps, the reflective straps have a white, yet insensitive PVC back. Because these straps are worn by both humans and pets, we offer different lengths and widths depending on usage.

By the way: The term „safety“ may only be used to promote soft bands with white or bright yellow foil, because only they are certified according to EN 13356. In addition, they must have an unprinted reflective surface of at least 15 cm².

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