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Wallets - reflAktive

Whether identity card, vehicle license, receipe or bonus booklets, ...

… everyday life is full of important papers that should be protected from damage and dirt. You have come to the right place, because we produce these indispensable everyday helpers in a variety of colors and formats. We are as variable in production as our customers.

Our high quality plastic wallets are available with wide or long side open.

As far as the materials are concerned, the possibilities are versatile. Accordingly, the wallets are also different in their haptic perception. In addition to transparent phthalate-free foils, our product range also includes lacquer, leather, velour and foam foils.

The subsequent finishing takes place by screen or pad printing.

Of course, in addition to practical benefits, plastic wallets have another very important function: they are the perfect long-term advertising medium. That is why we also support you when it comes to a suitable advertising motif, lettering or other means of design.

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