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Reflecting band

Personal Safety reflective tapes EN 471

GP 325

  • Inexpensive prismatic solution
  • Certified to EN471:2003 + A1:2007 Level 2
  • Application: sew-on
  • Reflective in all weather conditions
  • Cleaning: 25 wash cycles at 60°C
  • Colour: available in silver, white and fluorescent lime
  • Role sizes: 50mm x 100m

GP 340

This is the standard ORAFOL® product for reflective workwear. It´s durability, the cleaning possibilities and the variety of colours together with the remarkable visibility afforded by the product, make this is one of our most popular products:

  • also works in wet conditions
  • Excellent visibility at greater distances
  • Reflects coloured at night for an increased safety
  • Flexible and strong
  • Abrasion-proven for a long period of application
  • wide variety of colours
  • Cleaning: 75 wash cycles at 60°C / 50 wash cycles at 75°C / 25 wash cycles at 90°C
  • Role Sizes: 50mm x 5m


  • Reflecting band of the Saftey Class 1
  • Certified to EN471:2003 + A1:2007 Level 2
  • inexpensive sewing band
  • Particularly suitable for reflective clothing that needs to mashed frequently
  • Glass-bead composition
  • Reverse: nylon
  • Cleaning: 30 wash cycles at 60°C
  • Colours: only available in silver
  • Rol Sizes: 50mm x 100m and 1,2m x 100m

GP 020

  • Reflecting band of the Safety Class 2
  • Certified to EN471:2003 + A1:2007 Level 2
  • Particularly suitable for normal high-visibility clothing
  • Silver-glass-bead composition
  • Application: sew on
  • Reverse: Polyester/cotton
  • Cleaning: 50 wash cycles at 60°C
  • Dry cleaning: 25 cleaning passes
  • Color: Available in grey
  • Role Sizes: 50mm x 100m, 1m x 100m and 50mm x 50m
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